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Air Ambulance Mumbai

Air ambulances are becoming more and more preferred for medical transportation. Aircraft are less likely to be trapped in a traffic jam, and can fly hundreds of kilometers in only a few short hours. Certain regulations limit what can be taken on an aircraft, but these aircrafts are licensed to carry oxygen cylinders and other medical equipment that may be needed to keep a patient alive. This is what makes the fleet of Air Ambulance India so special: it makes sure the people being transported have the best of care available to them before the air ambulance Bangalore needs touches down in the airport. Now an air ambulance in India is no more than an email or a toll-free call away.

Air Ambulance India is India’s largest medical evacuation and air ambulance provider. They have had 30 years of experience in the medical field, and have worked with various hospitals, individuals, embassies, multinational corporations, and more. Aside from patient transport by air, it also has resources for transporting patients and disaster victims by ground. That way, they also shoulder the burden of transporting people from the airport to the hospital. An air ambulance Kolkata-bound can touch down in Bangalore and have the patients transported to the city’s hospital in almost no time. An air ambulance Delhi can also transport critically-ill patients to other countries such as Singapore, Belgium, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and more. Air ambulance services in India also include repatriation of the patient, or RMR (Return of Mortal Remains) if the situation was too big to handle for the best medical services available. They also offer transportation services by rail, so patients can be transported in the quickest, most convenient way possible.

Their fleet is well-stocked with gurneys, oxygen cylinders, bedspace and other equipment needed to keep a patient in stable condition, so you don’t have to worry too much if your loved one is on an air ambulance Bangalore-bound. Now patients can be transported in a Cessna or another high-end aircraft to ensure their safety and stability, and that they are near medical facilities at all times. Their air ambulance services in India include basic life support, cardiac life support, trauma management, and other medical services.

Their medical personnel, from trained cardiac anesthetists to qualified nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that you never have to be left in the dark when you need an air ambulance Hyderabad bound, immediately. They also provide long distance training to those who need it, and also perform medical site surveys for nearby facilities.

The company is also honest about your money. If they say you have paid for an air ambulance Chennai-bound, then you will only have to pay for transportation to Chennai. They do not spring up any hidden fees on you, and only ask you to pay for transportation and other essential fees. They also offer a toll-free number you can call..

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